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  • Microcool Value Proposition
  • Micro Deformation Technology Makes a Difference
  • Optimal Thermal and Pressure Drop Performance
  • Consistent Quality, Low Cost Manufacturing
  • Engineering with Multiple Materials... Copper, Aluminum, Microcool-clad
  • MicroCool Tool
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cp-1001We have available for immediate release MicroCool® Standard Cold Plates for the IGBT Power Electronic and CPU markets. Quickly evaluate the MicroCool® Advantage for your application with these commercial stock products. Be assured that we can respond quickly to semi – customer alternatives and we have thermal design engineers prepared to assist in your ultimate liquid cooling solution.

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MicroCool Tool®

Cold Plate Simulator


MicroCool Tool® is a new, user-friendly, hands-on simulator for cold plates. With just a few inputs, the correlation-based software can quickly provide thermal resistance, cold plate and fluid temperatures, and pressure drop performance. This tool also:

• Evaluates micro-channel design possibilities
• Handles single-phase coolants
• Generates complete graphical simulations

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