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  • 3000 Cold Plate Series
  • Micro Deformation Technology Makes a Difference
  • Cold Plates for Wind Power
  • Cold Plates for Traction Drives
  • Engineering with Multiple Materials... Copper, Aluminum, Microcool-clad
  • MicroCool Tool
  • Cold Plates for Solar Power Inverters
  • MicroCool Friction Stir Welded Cold Plates
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Cold Plates


  • High Performance
  • Low Cost
  • Customizable 
  • Fast Shipping




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MicroCool Tool®

Cold Plate Simulator


MicroCool Tool® is a new, user-friendly, hands-on simulator for cold plates. With just a few inputs, the correlation-based software can quickly provide thermal resistance, cold plate and fluid temperatures, and pressure drop performance. 

  • Choose the best MDT fin or pin for your application.
  • Easily try different materials or coolants
  • Build a performance curve by running multiple flow rates.

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