Wieland Microcool Cold Plate Optimized for Wolfspeed Cree XM3 Silicon Carbide Module

The CP3012 aluminum friction stir welded cold plate has been optimized specifically for the high heat flux of silicon carbide. The MDT (micro deformation technology) inside allows for very low thermal resistance, low-pressure drop and balanced parallel flow.

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CP3012 is also available

Balanced parallel cooling with high performance MDT pin fin on the inside

MDT pin fin plates friction stir welded into our extruded aluminum manifold.

Why use Micro Deformation Technology for Liquid Cooling?

MicroCool Micro Deformation Technology (MDT) is a low-cost, non-subtractive manufacturing method for creating fin and pin surfaces for use in heat transfer applications. This patented process mechanically and plastically deforms the work piece to form finite and repeatable micro-channels.

How does this benefit you?

Liquid cooling of cold plates and base plates appears to be the near-term solution for the current cooling demand of the power electronics market. Although well-known manufacturing methods can produce adequate cold plates and base plates for liquid cooling, new manufacturing processes and associated new geometries could significantly improve the hydrodynamic and thermal performances of current solutions. A numerical and experimental investigation has been carried out in order to evaluate the impact on the thermal performances of new pin and fin geometries applied to liquid cooling of power electronics. It is concluded that new geometries can provide a significant improvement on the thermal performances.

If you would like to learn how Micro Deformation Technology (MDT) provides the best thermal performance, please read our findings in this free publication:

That’s not all!

Check out this free online software can help you quickly determine which type of MDT fin or pin geometry will best suit your performance needs. 


Wieland Microcool Cold Plate Advantage

What is the Microcool cold plate advantage? What makes our cold plates for liquid cooling the best performing cold plates?

  • Robust lead-free friction stir weld design
  • Available electroless nickel plating inside and out to protect against corrosion with certain coolants
  • Easily customize your design simply by changing the density of the MDT fin or pin fin geometry inside without changing the entire design
  • Fast delivery: Next day shipping available on our 3000 series standard cold plates.

Bottom line

MicroCool designs and manufactures the best performing and most cost-effective cold plates for liquid cooling available today.

Visit www.microcooling.com to learn more. Our engineers are available to answer any design questions you may have.


Still using old cold plate technology? Friction Stir Welding is better

Why Friction Stir Welding is Better

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is a solid-state joining process, meaning frictional heat is generated between the wear-resistant welding tool and the material of the workpieces. Joining the workpieces together while staying below the melting point. This creates a leak-proof seal that is stronger and more reliable than any other cold plate joining method.

Microcool uses the best technology

MicroCool has become the expert in FSW high conductivity 1100 series aluminum MDT pin plates into all types of machined, extruded and cast aluminum alloys.

Visit www.microcooling.com to learn more

How to use the Microcool Tool

MicroCool Tool is a new, user-friendly, hands-on online simulation tool for cold plates and cooling elements developed for a diverse range of electronic cooling applications including CPU configurations, racks, servers, GPU graphics chips, high-output LEDs, power modules, IGBTs, power semiconductors, and FETs.


This online software can help you quickly determine which type of MDT fin or pin geometry will best suit your performance needs. With just a few inputs, the correlation-based software:

  • Provides thermal resistance, cold plate and fluid temperatures, as well as pressure drop performance
    Evaluates straight fins, in-line pin fins, and staggered pin fin geometries
  • Handles single-phase coolants (best methods including entrance effects)
  • Determines once-through and split flow (for pressure drop designs)
  • Generates complete graphical simulations (including 3D PDF output with graphs and incremental calculation output of the thermal views) and set of input/output results

Try it today!

Instructions on how to use the MicroCool Tool

PDF Instructions


QuantaCool’s Pumpless Gamer cooling system using MicroCool’s MDT

Micro Deformation Technology (MDT) in Use

This week at Semi-therm QuantaCool had a very innovative 2 phase cooling solution for the Gamer PC market. This system cooled both the CPU and the GPU with no pump to run and used a non-dielectric fluid (so no shorts if there was a leak). This technology is performing very well partially in thanks to the MicroCool MDT fin structures we can provide.

Branded the Polar Box, QuantaCool has some very innovative ideas.


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