Come Join us at PCIM Europe 2017

Come Join us at PCIM Europe 2017

Come Join us at PCIM Europe 2017

Wolverine’s MicroCool Division invites you to join us for PCIM Europe 2017 May 16-18th in Nuremberg, Germany.   PCIM Europe is the worldwide-recognized conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy and energy management.  We will be exhibiting in booth 7-447.

As an industry leader in base plate, cold plate and total cooling loop system designs for the power electronics industry, MicroCool will be exhibiting the latest innovations at Booth 7-447 during the show, including our 3000 Series Cold Plates.  Make sure to come by our booth to check out how our cutting-edge engineering has helped the following industries:

Also, our Thermal Design Engineer, Matt Reeves, will be presenting at the Exhibitor Forum on Thursday, May 18th at 12:40 PM in Exhibitor Forum Hall 7, Booth 507.   He will be providing an analysis on how Micro Deformation Technology (MDT) together with Friction Stir Welding (FSW) construction can provide a significant improvement on cost, thermal performance and pressure drop.

We hope to see you there!

The MIcroCool Team

How to use the Microcool Tool

MicroCool Tool is a new, user-friendly, hands-on online simulation tool for cold plates and cooling elements developed for a diverse range of electronic cooling applications including CPU configurations, racks, servers, GPU graphics chips, high-output LEDs, power modules, IGBTs, power semiconductors, and FETs.


This online software can help you quickly determine which type of MDT fin or pin geometry will best suit your performance needs. With just a few inputs, the correlation-based software:

  • Provides thermal resistance, cold plate and fluid temperatures, as well as pressure drop performance
    Evaluates straight fins, in-line pin fins, and staggered pin fin geometries
  • Handles single-phase coolants (best methods including entrance effects)
  • Determines once-through and split flow (for pressure drop designs)
  • Generates complete graphical simulations (including 3D PDF output with graphs and incremental calculation output of the thermal views) and set of input/output results

Try it today!

Instructions on how to use the MicroCool Tool

PDF Instructions


Come Join Us at PCIM Europe

Wolverine Tube’s Microcool Division will be exhibiting once again at PCIM Europe in Nuremburg, Germany.   This year’s PCIM will be held May 10 – 12, 2016 at the Nuremberg Messe.  We invite you to come by Booth 7-437 to learn more about our Micro Deformation Technology, Friction Stir Welding and our Custom Aluminum Extrusions.

Matt Reeves will also be presenting at the Exhibition Forum on Tuesday, May 10th AT 12:00 PM and will showcase our 3000 series liquid cold plates.

We hope to see you there.

QuantaCool’s Pumpless Gamer cooling system using MicroCool’s MDT

Micro Deformation Technology (MDT) in Use

This week at Semi-therm QuantaCool had a very innovative 2 phase cooling solution for the Gamer PC market. This system cooled both the CPU and the GPU with no pump to run and used a non-dielectric fluid (so no shorts if there was a leak). This technology is performing very well partially in thanks to the MicroCool MDT fin structures we can provide.

Branded the Polar Box, QuantaCool has some very innovative ideas.


New Microcool 3000 Series Cold Plates Now in stock

The new MicroCool 3000 series cold plates made specifically for power electronics cooling are now in stock. These are the best performing aluminum cold plates on the market as well as the most affordable.

See why:

  • 300series-108x300First, it’s robust friction stir welded construction with MicroCool MDT in line pin fin inside.  These are available in 1mm pin fin or 0.5mm XP pin fin with twice the density. This makes your cold plates performance upgradable over time without changing form factor.
  • Balanced parallel cooling to ensure uniform temperatures and low pressure drop.
  • Also available electroless nickel plating ensures compatibility with all coolants.
  • Extruded design is modular and highly customizable, call for a custom design.
    Optimized designs for wind inverters, solar inverters, traction drives.  Also automotive, waste heat recovery, power inversion, MRI amplifiers, Induction heating, and IGBT cooling.
  • Visit our online line store for more information and to see our low volume pricing, call or email for high volume pricing.  Use our online cold plate simulator MicroCool Tool to simulate different variables, such as coolants, flow rates, and pin fin geometries.


about us

Wieland Microcool is an industry leader in base plate, cold plate and total cooling loop system designs. We offer a myriad of fin and custom pin fin geometries designed to improve reliability and thermal efficiency in cooling electronic systems.


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