MicroCool’s cold plates are available online.

MicroCool’s online store has our latest 3000 series cold plates made specifically for power electronics cooling.  We also have our 2000 series in stock. These are the best performing aluminum cold plates on the market as well as the most affordable.

What makes our cold plates unique?

  • First, it’s robust friction stir welded construction with MicroCool MDT™ in line pin fin inside.  These are available in 1mm pin fin or 0.5mm XP pin fin with twice the density. This makes your cold plates performance upgradable over time without changing form factor.
  • Balanced parallel cooling to ensure uniform temperatures and low pressure drop.
  • Also available electroless nickel plating ensures compatibility with all coolants.
  • Extruded design is modular and highly customizable, call for a custom design.
  • Optimized designs for wind inverters, solar inverters, traction drives.  Also automotive, waste heat recovery, power inversion, MRI amplifiers, Induction heating, and IGBT cooling.

Stop using old technology!

Come visit our online line store for more information.  For high volume pricing, call Dwight at 1-800-633-4078 or email us at info@microcooling.com.  Use our online cold plate simulator MicroCool Tool to simulate different variables, such as coolants, flow rates, and pin fin geometries.

MicroCool Team



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