With the size of current wind turbines (up to 8 Megawatts) most have a liquid cooled inverters either up in the nacelle or in the base of the tower. MicroCool has standard and custom cold plates to cool the most common power electronics used like the new Infineon PrimePACK 3™ with IGBT5 and .XT™.

MicroCool cold plates have a 30% better thermal resistance and up to 3X less pressure drop when compared to standard copper tube type cold plates. MicroCool cold plates like the CP3005 can customized and extended to hold up to 9 IGBT modules or designed with friction stir welded MDT pin fin plates on both sides for balanced double sided cooling .

If you have a design question, please feel free to contact our engineers.

MicroCool® liquid cooled cold plates offer high performance, reliability and low cost solutions optimized for the Infineon PrimePACK IGBT with .XT modules.

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