Standard and Custom Base Plates

If you are building your own cold plate and you would like to look at our MDT surfaces in a base plate, MicroCool® offers these standard sizes. These base plates can be customized for your specific application.

Drawings available for download: BP-1001, BP-1002, BP-101, BP-102

To purchase any of our standard base plate products, contact us today or call 1-800-633-4078.

Aluminum Standard Base Plates

standard Aluminum base plates - custom base plates also available

Copper Standard Base Plates

standard copper base plates - custom base plates also available

If our MicroCool® standard base plates do not meet your requirements, we also offer custom base plates in multiple materials including: copper, aluminum, and Clad metal (patent pending). Contact us today for more information.  Our engineers can assist in meeting your design needs.

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