2000 Series Standard Cold Plates

*Patent Pending Design

MicroCool® standard liquid cooled IGBT and CPU cold plates are designed to fit most of the common IGBT and Power electronics configurations used today. At the heart of each MicroCool® cold plate is our patented Micro Deformation Technology (MDT™) in line pin fin, Friction stir welded construction, and CFD optimized parallel cooling.  

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If these “off the shelf” standard cold plates do not meet your requirements, please contact us to discuss semi-custom and custom cold plate options to meet the needs of your specific application.

Which MicroCool® Cold Plate would best fit your application?
Check out our IGBT Cross Reference Guide

cold plates construction

CP2000 Series Options
MDT™  In Line Pin Fin options:

4mm tall STD inline pin (1mm dia/gap) used in cold plates

        4mm tall STD inline pin (1mm dia/gap)

cold plates comparison

     4mm tall XP inline pin (.5mm dia/gap)

  • Fitting Options: 3/8th NPT – G3/8th – SAE-6 Cold plate length options: We can cut extrusions to any length to accommodate more or less IGBT modules.
  • Double-sided and long versions available:
long cold plates
  • Internal electroless nickel plating for fluid compatibility.
cold plates

MicroCool® 2000 Standard Cold Plates Series come in both Standard and XP varieties. Our Standard Cold Plates have 12 fins per inch, and our XP Standard Cold Plates deliver extreme performance with 20 fins per inch.

IGBT Cross Reference and Pricing Table for CP 2000 Series

Product NameModule Size Module NameModule NameModule NameModule NamePrice (Std)
Price (XP)
CP 20013X 122x62Infineon EconoDUAL Semikron SEMIXPowerEx NX$450.00$475.00
CP 20021X 122x162Infineon EconoPACKSemikron SEMIX33PowerEx IntellimodFuji M629$450.00$475.00
CP 20031X SKIM 93Semikron SKIM93$450.00$475.00
CP 20041X SKIM 63Semikron SKIM63$450.00$475.00
CP 20053X Prime Pack 3Infineon PrimePACK3Fuji M272$795.00$810.00
CP 20063X Mega DualPowerEx Mega Power DualMega Dual$450.00$475.00
CP 20071X 140x190ABB HiPAKFuji M152/156$450.00$475.00
CP 20081X 140x130ABB HiPAKFuji M256/M278 $450.00$475.00
CP 20093X 62x108 Infineon 62mmSemikron SEMITRANSFuji M127/M234/M235 MicroSemi SP6/D3/D4$450.00$475.00
CP 20103X Prime PACK 2 Infineon PrimePACK2Fuji M271 $795.00$810.00
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