Liquid Cooling Systems

MicroCool® provides custom cold plates for CPU and DIMM memory in both a single and two phase architecture.  MicroCool® can also offer an entire copper-plumbed system with multiple cold plates and a complete flow loop. The benefit of using MicroCool®’s Micro Deformation Technology (MDT) is that it allows for the greatest thermal transfer performance due the cold plate’s custom surface geometry, without sacrificing pressure drop.

Advantages of using a hard line plumbed all copper system:

  • Rigid design for long life and no evaporation
  • 100% leak tested to ensure long life
  • Low pressure drop and balanced system
  • Can be designed for both single and dual phase systems
  • Low cost cold plates compared to EDM machining to achieve similar performance with cold plate

Advantages using a soft tube system:

  • Lowest overall cost in the industry
  • Over one million systems sold without any reported hose or barb fitting leaks
  • Advanced cold plate design with MDT cold plates
  • Light weight design compared to all copper plumbed system
  • Much more flexible which provides ease of installation and no reported cracks in joints due to handling and installation
  • Distributed pump incorporated on each cold plate which provides redundancy in a rack configuration with multiple cold plates
CP 101

CP 101

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