Semi-Custom Cold Plate Design

Build-To-Order Cold Plates

MicroCool® semi-custom cold plates allow you to add custom options to any of our standard cold plates. Our semi-custom cold plates are build-to-order and have a 3 to 4 week lead time.


Semi-Custom Cold Plate Options:

  • High density MDT fin and pin fin options
    • High density fin (25-50fpi or .5-.25mm fins)
    • High density pin fin (25fpi or .5mm pins)
  • Fitting options
    • NPT, BSPP, SAE
    • Fitting location (inlet and outlet on opposing sides)
  • Light weight options
    • Removal of up to 1/3 of standard cold plate mass
  • Double sided cooling options
    • Ability to mount IGBTs on both sides using MDT fin on each side of the cold plate.
  • Copper cold plate options
    • Any of our standard cold plates can be made out of copper

Contact us today to build your cold plate. We also offer completely custom cold plates. Let us build an optimized cold plate for your specific application.

Also try our MicroCool Tool simulator to determine which type of MDT fin or pin geometry will best suit your performance needs.

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