Current trends in electrification are placing increasing demands on the power electronics for improved efficiency, higher power capability, and higher power density. Since these demands apply to systems, the requirements extend down to the component level. Silicon carbide (SiC) is poised to rapidly replace silicon (Si) in many applications due to the higher performance characteristics SiC enables. SiC devices offer faster switching speeds, lower dynamic loss, and lower conduction loss in a smaller die area compared to Si devices. To translate these semiconductor advantages into usable solutions, new power module designs are necessary to take full advantage of SiC.

Wolfspeed has developed a next-generation module that has been highly optimized to achieve the maximum performance out of Wolfspeed Generation 3 SiC MOSFETs. The XM3 half-bridge power modules offer the capability to carry high currents (300 to >600 A) in a small footprint (53 mm x 80 mm) with a terminal arrangement that allows for straight-forward bussing and interconnection.

Size comparison of flat baseplate XM3 power module with existing packages.

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