Micro Deformation Technology

Why use MDT?


MicroCool® Micro Deformation Technology (MDT) is a low-cost, non-subtractive manufacturing method for creating fin and pin surfaces for use in heat transfer applications. This patented process mechanically and plastically deforms the work piece to form finite and repeatable micro-channels.  

Our patented MDT In-Line Pin Fin® offers the best thermal performance per pressure drop while maintaining a 0.5 (XP) or 1mm (STD) flow gap on the market today.      

MDT technology is highly flexible and can create a wide variety of fin, pin and micro-channel geometries without the need of a time-consuming tool change. Unlike laser and chemical etching, MDT technology does not require the physical removal of surface materials.

The MDT process can generate both straight fins and pins, and can be performed on virtually any ductile material including: titanium, stainless steel, silver, aluminum, copper, to non-metallic materials like Teflon, polyethylene, rubber and PVC.


Available options:

  • Fins per inch: 650 –5 (255-2 Fins/Centimeter)
  • Fin Thickness to fin gap ratio: 1:0.2 – 1:3 (1:1 is typical)
  • Fin height to fin thickness ratio up to 15:1
  • Max fin gap: 2.5 mm for straight fins & 1.2 mm + for pins
  • Pins can be formed in either an in-line or staggered pattern
  • Pin diameter and gap vary from 1 mm to 0.5 mm
  • Pin height to diameter ratio up to 8:1
  • Fins or pins can be applied over large surfaces up to 1X1 meter
  • Fins or pins can be added in specific “island” locations or on across entire surface
Micro Deformation STRAIGHT FIN
Micro Deformation PENNY COMPARISON

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Fins or pins can be added as either single-side or double-side plate

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