Wind Power Cold Plates

MicroCool® manufactures cold plates designed specifically for high power wind turbine inverters. MicroCool® has off the self cooling solutions for the most common IGBTs used in wind turbine inverters including:Infineon Prime pack 3 (CP-3005 and CP-3005XP)

  • Fuji M272 (CP-3005 and CP-3005XP)
  • Infineon Prime pack 2 (CP-3010 and CP-3010XP)
  • Fuji M271 (CP-3010 and CP-3010XP)
  • Infineon 62mm (CP-3009 and CP3009XP)
  • Fuji M127/M234/M235 (CP-3009 and CP3009XP)
  • Semikron Semitrans, 62mm module (CP-3009 and CP3009XP)
  • MicroSemi SP6/D3/D4 (CP-3009 and CP3009XP)
  • Infineon EconoDUAL (CP3001 and CP3001XP)
  • Semikron SEMIX (CP3001 and CP3001XP)
  • PowerEx NX (CP3001 and CP3001XP)
  • Semikron SKIM93 (CP-3003 and CP3003XP)
  • Semikron SKIM63 (CP-3004 and CP3004XP)

Most Common Cold Plates

Our most common cold plates for wind turbine inverters are the CP3001 and CP3005. Our cold plates are also customizable to adjust for different inlet/outlet fittings, number of IGBTs, Corrosion resistant coatings (Nickel and Chem-film) and Double sided Cooling. MicroCool® cold plates are the most affordable power electronics cold plates on the market today, they are also in stock and available online.

about us

Wieland Microcool is an industry leader in base plate, cold plate and total cooling loop system designs. We offer a myriad of fin and custom pin fin geometries designed to improve reliability and thermal efficiency in cooling electronic systems.


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